• How much home we can’t afford

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    One of my guilty pleasures is watching the Fine Living Network. I dunno, something about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or something like that. Anyway, an interesting show on that channel is What You Get for the Money; each episode showcases houses across the nation of a certain price point. It is interesting to see how much house $300,000 can buy in the midwest, versus the tiny space in downtown Manhattan.

    A few days ago, I decided to see how much home we would be able to afford. I used the handy-dandy How Much House Can You Afford? calculator over at Bankrate.

    With our current monthly expenses and a down payment of $10,000, we would be able to afford…

    …wait for it…

    …a $10,000 house. What’s that? The amount of the monthly mortgage we can afford? $0.00.

    Anyone got a single wide they want to sell us?


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