• Awesomely bad credit card offer

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    Okay, so a few years ago I missed some payments on a few of my credit cards. As a result, my current FICO score is a dismal 661. I’ve been doing well for the past year and a half, and I have even managed to get some of the credit card companies to lower my APR. But that doesn’t stop the Awesomely Bad Credit Card Offers from coming in.

    This specimen featured below has to be the all time greatest of Bad Credit Card Offers. (click on the image to trigger a pop-up of the full sized image)

    Awesomely Bad!

    –The hologrammed diamond on the “Pre-Approved Gold Club Card.” Classy.
    –The pivotal question is asked: “How do you establish or win back credit if no one is willing to offer it?” Well, thank you very much, Diamond Center, for being my personal credit savior.
    –The FREE pair of 14K Gold Earrings with any purchase over $200. Two words: BLING, BLING.

    Please, enjoy my bad credit.


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